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Jim's Blog

July 17, 2018

Everyone wants "cheap" until it really matters.

No one wants a "cheap" airbag. Or a "cheap" heart surgeon. Or a "cheap" child seat. Or a "cheap" education. 

"Cheap" doesn't go together with "important". When it's important, everyone wants the BEST that they can get. 


A few years back, I worked with a couple for their wedding day. During our initial meeting, I was informed that they wanted "nothing but hip hop" played during their reception once the dancing got underway. I explained that they would most likely have a wide range of g...

I've seen the majority of these trends. And I think 15 out of 16 are ready to be put out to pasture. There's only one that I would keep and think every wedding needs it. 

And it's NOT the life-sized cake that looks like the bride. 

Click here for the article.

I did something I've been wanting to do for years this week. I went through a grueling two day workshop with Randy Bartlett. 

I'm fully aware that you are sitting there saying "Randy WHO??"

Let me explain. We all have personal heroes that are not typical household names....

Alright ... the ceremony is over and you are now married to the most wonderful person on earth. You now have a four hour-long party planned to not only celebrate your love for each other but to thank your guests for supporting you both. 

But what happens if you're alrea...

Having been in the DJ business since 1985, I've seen trends come and go over the years. But one trend that has really taken off the last few years is searching You Tube for ceremony songs.

You Tube is an excellent method to listen to suggestions for songs ... but there'...

I've decided to add something new to our services for our clients. 

Now, when you hire The Music Guys, you can make a request at the party simply by using your phone. 

Believe it or not, most people don't like to make requests to a DJ. I have no idea why ... they're shy...

That is quite possibly the dumbest blog post title I've ever come up with. 

Anyway ... I used to have all my mixes stored on a website that unfortunately went out of business. Many tears were shed and teeth were gnashed, trust me. 

But I have now gotten a sizable amount...

We are now 48 hours past another successful Southern Bridal Faire. And what an amazing event it was! 

I was assigned the deed of serving as the event's DJ and MC and while a lot of work goes into it, I always enjoy doing it. And this year I even learned a few lessons! B...

Holy Canolli! I have not written a blog in over four months!!

I have to get better at this. I love to write. I did it professionally for years. So why can't I keep a simple blog going about my passion?

Eh. Who cares? It's not like you've missed me, right?

So anyway .... t...

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February 17, 2018

That is quite possibly the dumbest blog post title I've ever come up with. 

Anyway ... I used to have all my mixes stored on a website that unfortunate...

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