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Client Feedback - Griswell


DATE OF EVENT: March 9, 2013



1. Why did you decide to hire a DJ for your event?

We felt like a DJ would be better for a wedding and would produce a better time for our guest than a band would.


2. Please list the three biggest concerns you had BEFORE I actually entertained at your event. (Please describe these concerns in detail – What were you really worried about regarding my service?)

Nothing. We were not worried about anything from you. You seemed like you had everything all planned out and you have been doing this for a long time so we were not worried about anything.


3. Please list the top three things you liked about my services. (For example, how I  got everyone dancing and having fun. Be as enthusiastic as you want!)

  • How you got everyone to dance and kept them dancing.

  • The love story.

  • I like that you had the first two hours scheduled out with the times down to a “T”.


4. Be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings – and tell me what specific things I could do to change or improve my performance.

When doing gigs at The Oaks Plantations, I would probably make the cake cutting the very last thing. We did the cake cutting and then the bouquet and garter toss and some people were more worried about getting cake that they didn’t even know the garter and bouquet toss were even going on. Since the Oaks is so spread out I would do everything that has to be done in the ballroom first and then move people to the cake cutting areas.


5. If you were to tell someone who was thinking about hiring me for an event like the one you had, what would you say to him or her?

DO IT! He is awesome. The love story was a very awesome unique thing that only he does. And he is very good at playing what people want to hear and very good at keeping people dancing and having a good time. And he has all of the reception activities all scheduled out perfectly.


6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes? YES!



Taylor Griswell


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