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Client Feedback - Hebert


1. Why did you decide to hire a DJ for your event?

We couldn’t fit a band into our budget.


2. Please list the three biggest concerns you had BEFORE we actually entertained at your event. (Please describe these concerns in detail – What were you really worried about regarding our service?)

  • I was worried that cheesy dance songs might be played (ex. Cha Cha Slide).

  • I was worried that nobody would dance.

  • I was worried that nobody would have fun.


3. Please list the top three things you liked about what we did at your event. (For example, how we got everyone dancing and having fun. Be as enthusiastic as you want!)

  • I liked that you guys stuck to the music that I recommended that you play.

  • I like that you guys made sure everything happened when it was supposed to (ex. Cake cutting, etc.)

  • I liked that you guys had everyone on the dance floor having a good time on a hot afternoon!


4. Be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings – and tell me what specific things I could do to change or improve my performance.



5. If you were to tell someone who was thinking about hiring us for an event like the one you had, what would you say to him or her?

See my post on (Review)


6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes? YES!



April and Josh Hebert


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