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Client Feedback - Johnson


DATE OF EVENT: February 23, 2013



1. Why did you decide to hire a DJ for your event?

We knew we wanted a good variety of music and we didn't want to be responsible for having to come up with a playlist that would suit everyone, so we decided to hire a DJ.


2. Please list the three biggest concerns you had BEFORE I actually entertained at your event. (Please describe these concerns in detail – What were you really worried about regarding my service?)

I was concerned that people wouldn't dance, but that's not really the fault of anyone, because if people don't want to dance then they won't. Other than that I didn't have any concerns.


3. Please list the top three things you liked about my services. (For example, how I got everyone dancing and having fun. Be as enthusiastic as you want!)

I really enjoyed the Lovy Story portion...I've never heard of a DJ doing that before, and it was very special to us and provided a bit of background for the guests who might not have known how we met and got to the wedding day. We liked how you got the crowd involved and encouraged them to dance! And I really appreciated how quickly you responded to my emails. Unfortunately it's difficult to find vendors who will respond in a timely manner, and many of our decisions for other vendors were basically made for us because they would not respond in a timely fashion. Brides are stressed, and their minds are eased when vendors respect them and their questions, and they show that respect by responding quickly.


4. Be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings – and tell me what specific things I could do to change or improve my performance.

The only thing I would suggest, speaking for our wedding specifically, is that we should've coordinated to make sure we had the same version in mind for our first dance song. Corey and I don't fault you for that, but I should've double-checked to be sure before we got to that point. (BACK STORY: Callie and Corey chose the Sister Hazel song “This Kind Of Love” for their first dance. I assumed they wanted the studio version of the song when they were expecting a live acoustic version of the song.)


5. If you were to tell someone who was thinking about hiring me for an event like the one you had, what would you say to him or her?

I know people think that music is one area of the wedding they can skimp on, because their thinking is, "Well it can't be that hard to just play music." And yes, if all you want is someone to press "Play," then that logic is correct. But you take it further than that. You actually get a feel for the bride and groom's taste in music, and you feel out the crowd to see what works for them and what doesn't. And the timeline you've worked out makes it so much easier on the couple because that's one less thing they have to worry about just do it all for them. And the Love Story is a special touch that I've not seen any other DJ do, and it's a special time in the reception to recap how the bride and groom got to this special day. I have, and will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a DJ.


6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes? YES!



Callie Johnson

March 29, 2013

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