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Client Feedback - Toledo


DATE OF EVENT: December 29, 2012

TYPE OF EVENT: Wedding Reception


1. Why did you decide to hire a DJ for your event?

My husband was the deciding factor.  We both love music and we love to have a great time. We are not the best dancers but we love to enjoy the party/fun/entertaining atmosphere. Even though we aren’t the best dancers, we still enjoyed the party!


2. Please list the three biggest concerns you had BEFORE I actually entertained at your event. (Please describe these concerns in detail – What were you really worried about regarding my service?)

  • Will this be worth it?

  • Will the DJ know what I like and keep me entertained?

  • Will my guests be entertained and stay involved?

All of the above questions were answered with a big YES!!! DJ’s can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re getting.  Jim laid out all the details and kept me informed of what services/music/entertainment he would provide as well as me keeping him informed of details involving the event and about what we like as a couple and what we music interests we like. He made sure we communicated throughout the process. I have never had so much fun.  We were definitely entertained and remained on the dance floor most of the night! My guests enjoyed every moment of the party! I had people from 8 months to 89 years and all were able to enjoy the entertainment. I was amazed that even when we did a ‘mock’ exit and re-entered the party that my guests came back in from the cold and removed their coats and began dancing all over again! It was a great night and Jim Dunham (musicguys) helped our event to be a huge success!


3. Please list the top three things you liked about my services. (For example, how I  got everyone dancing and having fun. Be as enthusiastic as you want!)

I think I answered ahead of time. Comments from question 2. Jim also danced and was very involved in the party along with my guests. He took requests and kept the party moving. There was not one moment where I felt there could have been improvement. The Love Story made a great impression on so many of my guests. It kept the mood light and fun. Everyone from all ages danced the night away and we had an incredible night!


4. Be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings – and tell me what specific things I could do to change or improve my performance.

As with anything, you want a great deal! Nothing in this world is free that’s worth having! Everything comes at a great price. In the beginning I felt that Jim was expensive but after all was said and done and the event was over, I didn’t have to worry about the price any longer. It was money well spent! We had such a great time!


5. If you were to tell someone who was thinking about hiring me for an event like the one you had, what would you say to him or her?

Budget your money and make sure you get Jim Dunham to DJ your party! He helps to make the event flow in good time. I personally did not hire a Wedding Planner, I did it all myself and with Jim’s help, he made the Wedding Reception a blast! He had everything planned out in a great flow of timing. He’s been doing this for a while and regardless of whether you know him or not, he’ll make you’re YOUR event is YOUR event!


6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes? YES!



Rafael & Kristle Toledo


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