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Client Feedback - Bailey


1. Why did you decide to hire a DJ for your event?

We decided to hire a DJ because we wanted a fun interactive type of reception where someone else controlled announcements and the flow of the entire reception and we wanted the atmosphere to be fun and enjoyable.


2. Please list the three biggest concerns you had BEFORE we actually entertained at your event. (Please describe these concerns in detail – What were you really worried about regarding our service?)

Our major concerns consisted of some feelings; awkwardness, quietness, and inconsistentency. As most people feel, we were mostly concerned with people not wanting to dance. We were worried that most people would feel awkward dancing and that we didn’t want the dance floor to be vacant the entire time (quiet). We also wanted the reception to flow and not be inconsistent and random, with periods of nothing to do.


3. Please list the top three things you liked about what we did at your event. (For example, how we got everyone dancing and having fun. Be as enthusiastic as you want!)

The number one thing we liked was the “LOVE STORY”!!! we received so many compliments from it! The love story described us perfectly and made everyone laugh and get to know our relationship and how we met! I also loved how the entire reception flowed! I asked and received a timeline, in which everything was planned out so our wedding planner and I had an idea of exactly how everything was going to go! There was never a lull period with nothing to do. I also loved having a song bank which consisted of every song I could think of and when I requested songs that I did not see in the bank, It didn’t matter because you found them! We also liked how you kept everyone dancing by playing the right songs at the right time…such as the cupid shuffle and group songs to get people dancing but you also played slow songs (which also kept everyone dancing) and kept the reception in a constant state of FUN!


4. Be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings – and tell me what specific things I could do to change or improve my performance.

I hontestly don’t feel anything needs to be changed! Everything was perfect and went exactly how I wanted it to go.


5. If you were to tell someone who was thinking about hiring us for an event like the one you had, what would you say to him or her? Absolutely best DJ hands down! With wedding planning comes lots of chaos and stress and the honest truth is that the music and DJ was the one thing I never stressed about. Whenever I sent an email He replied within that same day or the very next day with answers and great and fun recommendations! Going into the actual wedding day, I knew 100% that everything involving music and reception was going to be handled and being a bride who likes to be involved in everything its great to feel that you don’t have to worry about such an important part!


6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes? YES!



Stephanie Eisemann Bailey


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