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Tips for Attending A Bridal Faire

T minus seven days until the Southern Bridal Faire.

There are a few things you need to know if you are attending the SBF this year. These are tips that will help you have a better experience at the Faire.

1) Have a "Yes" and a "No" bag. You'll be given bags at the front door. Your Yes bag will contain all of the information from the vendors that you connected to. Your No bag has the information of the vendors that you didn't connect with. That way when you get home you won't be wracking your brain trying to remember the name of the vendor that you liked so much!

2) Print out address labels that have all of your contact information. Name, Address, Email Address, Cell Phone #, Date that you're getting married and the location of your wedding and reception. That will save a whole lot of time when it comes to filling out cards.

3) Sit down with your fiancee before the event and schedule some times in the next few weeks that you can meet with vendors. Vendors will be looking to make appointments with the couples who they think will be a good match for their services so if you already have several times and dates available, it makes it easier to schedule these appointments.

4) Wear comfortable shoes. You can look dazzling on your wedding day. You're going to be walking a lot more at the Faire and there's no need to start the work week with sore feet!

5) Have fun. Bring your mother, your bridesmaids, even your fiancee if he doesn't already have Super Bowl fever.

And finally ... get ready to be blown away! You're going to get a lot of information in just a few hours but truly THIS is all the information you need to assemble a team of vendors that will make your day the wedding day you've always dreamed of!

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