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I Don't Need A DJ, I Have An iPod!!

Let me be honest with you. Not everyone can afford to hire The Music Guys for their wedding day. I understand this completely. Everyone has a budget that they have to stick to and sometimes those budgets are very tight. And everyone from wedding websites to wedding magazines to wedding directors are telling you that in order to loosen up your budget a bit, don't hire entertainment ... do it yourself!

Watch this video. This is what those magazines, websites and directors are NOT telling you. The simple fact is Ipod weddings are a trainwreck. Every wedding DJ knows this and we try to educate potential clients on the pitfalls of providing your own entertainment but some couples get it in their heads that they can take the money they would spend on professional entertainment and put it elsewhere.

Again, watch this video.

At the end of the video it states that "doing it yourself" will cost you around $1000 and breaks it down for you. I honestly think the cost would be lower than that, maybe around $600. Because if you're thinking about an iPod wedding, you probably already have an iPod so that's $400 saved right there. But you still have to buy all the appropriate music for a wedding day and rent a sound system. I'm not even sure of there being anyone left in town who rents sound systems or what they charge.

And that's not taking into consideration of designating someone to be in charge of both the sound system and iPod. Or what to do in the event that a piece of equipment fails during the reception. A professional would have you covered. A rental will not.

As I always say ... this is the most important day of your life (so far) and this is the biggest party that you will most likely ever throw. Doesn't it make sense to do it right?

If you have decided that you want an iPod wedding, I can't talk you out of it. But I would strongly suggest that you just don't have any music at all. It CAN be done. You won't have a party and what you do have won't last more than an hour. But you will save the money, heartache and embarrassment that an iPod wedding can cause you.

If you don't believe me ... watch the video!

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