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Still Want That Cheaper DJ??


I get at least three of these requests a month.

Everyone has a budget for their wedding. And most brides pick a date, a location, a dress, a menu, flowers, decorations, a photographer and entertainment in that order. So by the time "entertainment" pops up on the list of items to secure, that budget is almost blown.

And while entertainment IS one of the less expensive of the items, many brides make the mistake of going with the cheapest entertainment because ... let's be honest ... one DJ or band is just like the other, right?? So why spend more?

The above text is why.

There are many, MANY "DJ"s out there who will agree to DJ your wedding for $400. They'll even go so far as to write your name and date down on a piece of paper to remind themselves.

But the minute ... THE MINUTE that another bride calls them for your date, they will quote them $500. And if that bride agrees to pay them $500, guess what? YOU will be the frantic bride emailing every reputable DJ in town, desperate for someone to save your day from turning into a disaster.

The worst part? That $500 bride will most likely get screwed over too for the $600 bride. And on and on and on.

The reason they do this is they want a full calendar. So they'll sell you a date at any price just to fill the date. But that doesn't necessarily secure your date. If nobody else comes along willing to pay more for your date, then yes, these guys will show up and DJ your party.

The good news is these guys rarely stay in business longer than a year before the jig is up and the word gets out about them and their sleazy tactics. I've been a DJ in the Montgomery area for almost 30 years and I have seen dozens of these types come and go. It seems like a good game plan to these high school dropouts to get the experience and money to someday make it as a big time DJ selling out concert halls and arenas.

But it never works out for them. And soon they're back to making mix tapes in their bedrooms for their friends wondering what went wrong.

I charge more than $400. Once you sign a contract and remit your deposit, your date is SECURED. Nobody else will be getting your date. I don't care if someone else came along and offered me ten times what we've agreed upon. That's why I've stayed in business since 1985. My goal is complete customer satisfaction. I want you to get MORE than what you paid for and many of my clients agree that's exactly what I've given them.

So don't get suckered in by the ABC DJ Company who's going to try and tell you that you don't need to pay the fat cats so much money when they'll do your wedding for a fraction of the fat cat's price.

Or else you'll be the one emailing THIS fat cat begging me to come be your knight in shining armor.

But rest assured, if I can help you, I will.

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