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The Biggest Regret That Most Brides Have Is ...

I have done the research and as you might suspect ... the #1 regret that brides have on their wedding day is not hiring The Music Guys for their reception.


Alright ... so it's not #1. But I bet it's in the top 100,000, easily.

Nope. If you Google "Biggest Wedding Regrets" (which I recommend you do and take notes) ... you'll find that the biggest regret is ... not hiring a Videographer.

And I have to say that as a DJ, I completely agree with this.

This is the biggest day of your life ... at least until the birth of a child. It's the biggest party you're ever going to throw ... you're spending a LOT of money on this day ... and let's face it ... you are going to look beautiful. So doesn't it make sense to have it documented beyond staged photographs? I can promise you that when you're 60 years old, you're going to want to relive that first dance one more time and look back at a time before the wrinkles and age spots and gray hair!

You may think "Well, all my friends will pull out their smart phones and shoot video and upload it to You Tube." Yes they will. But wouldn't you RATHER have a professional video, edited to have every highlight of your day rather than a blurry, vertical smart phone clip?

I promise you that you will. Maybe not today. But years from now, you will.

Yes, videographers can be expensive. But I know a really good one that would shoot your whole day, edit it down and get you Blu Rays of your day that you could enjoy forever for $1000. I know another that would do such a tight edit that he can get you a five minute video set to music that you would cherish forever for less than that.

Photographers do a great job capturing memories. But videographers preserve the emotions of the day.

It's your wedding and you do what you think is right.

But this is the one vendor that I would consider going into debt to hire.

That's just my two cents.


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