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Getting The Training WE Need So Your Day Is That Much Better!

I've spent the last several days in Eastern Tennessee with the best of the best DJs in the country, learning new ways to not only take care of our clients better but to also make our shows even more fun and exciting for each and every guest at your event.

The ARMDJs convention celebrated its 9th year in existence this week and marked the first time I've been able to attend. I've always heard this was a great learning experience for DJs but the dates never worked out for me to take advantage of the experience. This year worked out perfectly and as excited as I was to come here, the conference surpassed my wildest dreams! I met a ton of great DJs that I was able to network with and share my "secrets" as well as learn theirs to get your guests hyped up for your special day.

I love attending these conferences and educating myself more because I simply love my job and live to be even better each and every week. While many DJs sink their profits into things like the latest speakers or newer light poles, I spend my money on educating myself so that I can do an even better job for my clients and their families. My system is loud enough, my lights are bright enough but the things that I've learned this week are without comparison.

The bottom line is The Music Guys have always done a great job at our events. but starting next week,we are going to be kicking it up a notch.

I know .... lucky you ... right?

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