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16 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding DJ

From the website, here are 16 questions you might want to keep in mind when interviewing your wedding DJ:

  1. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

  2. Will you have multiple gigs on my wedding day?

  3. What makes you different from your competitors?

  4. Have you played at the reception site already?

  5. Will you serve as an emcee during the reception?

  6. Can I provide you with list of “Do Not Play” songs?

  7. Do you take requests from guests?

  8. How often do you take breaks?

  9. Do you bring all of your own sound, wiring and lighting equipment?

  10. What will you wear at the wedding?

  11. Do you have any references?

  12. Are you insured?

  13. What is the back up plan if you are ill or there is an emergency on my wedding day?

  14. What is the deposit required to reserve you for my wedding date?

  15. When is the final balance due?

  16. What is your cancellation policy?

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