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One of the most important parts of your wedding day, yet one of the most overlooked is the timing of the day's events.

Wedding directors/planners are excellent at the pre-planning of the ceremony and the ceremony itself to get that part of the day running smoothly. They make sure everything goes exactly as planned behind the scenes so that your ceremony is smooth as silk and nobody can see any of the little bumps that took place beforehand. A great wedding director wears a smile all day ... even when she's about to pull her hair out from anxiety!

Some wedding directors even take it a step further and plan out the reception as well. Some of them do a great job at that.

...And some don't.

The planning of the reception has to accomplish two things for your reception to be a success. Naturally, it has to make sure that everything flows smoothly and effortlessly, just like the entire day has gone. And more importantly, it has to be done in a way that constantly keeps everyone entertained.

So wouldn’t it make sense for you to allow the person doing the entertaining to have a hand in the planning of the reception?

Again, wedding directors are excellent at the planning of the wedding.

But the entertainer will do a better job of planning the reception … the “party” portion of the day.

The Music Guys have studied and trained on how to take a reception and make it emotional. Make it fun. Make it exciting. Make it romantic. All by careful planning of the series of events so that the guests are never bored, nobody’s wondering what to do next and emotions are built upon and memories made.

Most wedding directors want to do all three special dances (First Dance, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son) together. Knock them all out in one 15 minute swoop so we can move on to the next event.

Nothing can do your reception and your family more injustice than this. There is a BETTER way to provide placement for all three of these that will allow the participants to shine and make your reception memorable.

The same with the garter and bouquet tosses. Most directors (and yes … even brides) think the perfect placement for these is at the end of the evening. Toss your bouquet, jump in your car and leave.

Again, there is a BETTER way. A better place to put these events that will maximize their potential to create BETTER memories of each for you, for your guests, for your photographer and videographer.

So when should you place these events??

Hire us and you’ll find out!

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