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Ten Songs To Make Your Cocktail Hour Unique

(Click the above photo to listen to the playlist on You Tube)

I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the wedding reception is the Cocktail Hour.

Just to be clear, a "cocktail hour" is what I consider the beginning of the reception when I'm entertaining your guests while you and your new spouse are either still getting photos taken after the ceremony, eating a quiet dinner before you enter the party or a number of other activities BEFORE the evening begins. A cocktail hour doesn't even require alcohol. Its main purpose is to set the mood for the evening and is really just background music that (at the most) should have your guests quietly singing along or tapping their toes ... no dancing just yet!

The reason I like it so much is that since there's no dancing taking place, there's no hard and fast rules to be followed which means almost anything can be played within reason. Some couples like to pick out their own cocktail music that reflects their style but most don't because they're not there to hear it!

I've compiled 10 of my favorite songs to play during cocktail hour ... for the most part these are sweet songs that aren't cocktail hour "standards". Some are covers, some have been in commercials and one was even featured prominently on the show "The Walking Dead"!


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