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A Good Meal Starts Here

You have carefully chosen your caterer and are looking forward to seeing your guests' faces as they taste the delicious menu that you have painstakingly helped plan out.

The last thing you want to see is disgruntled guests picking at their plates only to have the majority of it thrown in the trash.

Obviously, the main key is to have a professional and reputable caterer on your side. Your wedding day may not be the ideal time to showcase Aunt Esther's Mulligatawny Soup.

And while the majority of receptions that I work opt for buffets (less pricey and honestly ... less to go wrong), there's ONE thing a lot of couples don't consider and that's how the buffet will "flow".

In December 2018, I did two parties ... both with about 300 guests each. The first had a buffet and it took one hour and 25 minutes to get everyone through it. I know because we were on a tight timeline and went about an hour over the scheduled agenda.

The second party, again with 300 guests, saw everyone go through in 20 minutes.

What was the difference?

The 20 minute buffet had two IDENTICAL buffets set up on opposite sides of the room. They also utilized BOTH SIDES of the buffet tables which had people going through 4X quicker than the 1 hour 25 minute buffet.

The end result was happier guests eating hotter and fresher food and not having to stand in line for food like it was the Great Depression. I'm not sure of the cost offset but if it's around the same price for either option, DEFINITELY go with the second option.

Because happier guests equal better parties!

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