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Grandpa's Rockin' The Ones And Twos

There's a lot to be said for the value an older DJ can bring.

I have been a DJ since 1985. Many of you probably don't remember the year, but I was there. Learning how to beat mix. Then later how to mix in key. Discovering which songs sounded good with other songs. And when mixing those two songs together noticing how it kept the dance floor going without losing anyone.

That was a long time ago.

The funny thing is ... today I'm a much better DJ than I was back then. And that's because of two things ... education and experience.

In 1985, I was deejaying six hours a night, six nights a week in the clubs. Today, I have a recording studio set up in my house where I'm able to play for an audience of one. Sure, that sounds a bit lonely but I'm able to experiment as well as take my time learning and perfecting the tricks of the trade from the top DJs in the world. I have paid obscene amounts of money to take online video courses that have taught me everything from making my own DJ edits and remixes of songs to how to speak to audiences.

I've been doing this a LONG time.

So has this guy who goes by Ella Skins. A British DJ who was able to explain the reasons WHY it is important for you to hire an older DJ for the biggest party you will most likely ever throw. Watch the video, decipher the strong British accent and excuse the guy's eccentricities and hyperactivity. Then ask yourself ... do I want the 22 year-old just breaking into the business deejaying my wedding reception? Or do I want the older guy who has done it all and keeps getting better with age?

Watch the video and make that decision yourself.


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