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The Perfect Groom's Workshop

If I had a dime for every time I've heard a groom say, "It's her wedding. I just need to know when and where to show up," well ... I'd probably have enough for a steak dinner or two. Still ... do the math. That's a LOT.


While most women start planning their weddings years before they even meet their husbands, men are a different beast. They understand the importance of the wedding to their wives ... but they don't don't know all the little secrets that can take that wedding day and make it a day that exceeds every expectation she ever had!


Hence, the Perfect Groom's Workshop.


I have seen some incredibly romantic and thoughtful gestures by grooms over the years. These are tried and true ideas that when put to use will give the groom a bigger role in the overall success of the wedding day. Each of these ideas are simple and can be implemented with minimal effort. That may not sound very romantic, but it's music to a guy's ears!


The workshop is open to all grooms; you don't have to be a client of The Music Guys.


Every bride is a princess on her wedding day. And every princess deserves a prince. At The Perfect Groom's Workshop, I will transform your fiancé into a prince. The kind of prince that will have every woman envying you and the love that your new husband has for you.

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