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Welcome to The Music Guys' Signature Wedding Page

If you want to make your wedding reception the best ever, this is the most important message you will read all year...


Discover How The Area's Hottest DJ Can Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable, Successful, and FUN!


Dear To-Be-Wed,


Congratulations on your engagement!  I would like to welcome you to The Music Guys website, and to tell you first of all that it is an honor and a privilege to help you create an unforgettable, fun, and unique Wedding Reception that truly reflects your style and personality.  We take that privilege seriously, and promise to make the entire process stress-free and exciting!



Before we go any further, get

your FREE COPY of our REPORT titled:


"How To Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable, Successful and Fun:

The Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wedding And How To Avoid Them"





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Yes, you can make your wedding reception the best ever when you understand how important a role your DJ plays in the success of the ENTIRE reception!


We understand that for most people, choosing a DJ is often difficult and confusing, yet it's the most important decision you will make for your wedding reception.  Since everyone claims to be "the best", how can you really find out who is good, and who is an amateur?  For a once in a lifetime event like a wedding reception, you should hire a professional.  Don't take chances with "a friend of a friend".  Although people mean well, lack of experience or skill will not prepare them to handle unexpected details that happen during every wedding reception. A professional has seen it all and knows how to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may come up.


First I recommend you start with a Wedding DJ Specialist.  A DJ from a club or school dance may be great in those surroundings, but they're not necessarily right for your wedding. A Wedding DJ Specialist is just that ... he specializes in DJ'ing at weddings. Most Wedding DJ Specialists have played every sort of party and club imaginable and are usually the most educated and professional of all Disc Jockeys.


Second, if you can, meet with the DJ Company.  While distances between the company and customer cannot always afford this luxury and sometimes needs to be done via telephone, but if it's at all possible, efforts should be made to meet in person.  You must be sure you are comfortable with the DJ's style and see if it is a good match for you. After all, they will be representing you at your wedding reception.


Then, check the history and background of the DJ Company.  Do they have references?  And don't just take their word for it, call several of their references and find out WHY the client loved their DJ.


Finally, it's important to never make the mistake of choosing a DJ by price alone.  If the DJ is not a good fit, but IS the right price, it won't matter a bit if he ruins your special day that you spent big money and many months planning. Remember ... you get what you pay for. A good DJ isn't cheap and a cheap DJ isn't good!

















"Okay, Jim.  Everything sounds great! So what do we do next?"




When we say it is an honor and privilege to help you on your special day, we mean it.  If you are ready for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION, please call me right now at 334-312-3991.


We will talk about your reception in detail, answer any questions you have and you will learn:


  • How we can take 3 words from you and turn it into your ultimate wedding celebration.


  • How we use properly timed music to make your guests laugh and dance like crazy!


  • How we entertain EVERYONE of ALL AGES.


  • The one thing you can do after the introductions to make your reception ultra-special.



Just for picking up the phone and calling today, I will send you a



"How To Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable,

Successful and Fun: The Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin

Your Wedding And How To Avoid Them"


This information packed report will give you

the edge as you plan your special day.

When we get together, I will bring you an information package that highlights my wedding programs and audience participation, comments from my clients, and information about how I can help you make your wedding amazingly successful, and assure you that 90% of your guests WILL dance!


Call Now!



I look forward to hearing from  you!


Best Regards,

Jim Dunham


The Music Guys Entertainment Services



P.S. Due to my busy performance schedule, prime dates fill quickly.  Although I can sometimes schedule dates at the last minute, to avoid being disappointed it is best to contact me four to twelve months before the date of your event.

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