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About the Owner

Jim Dunham got his start in the Entertainment Industry in 1980. As a teen who was obsessed with music and had a large collection of vinyl, he was asked to DJ at a friend's birthday party. He took the job very seriously, even going so far as buying a copy of Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits for the party, hoping to impress the ladies in attendance. By all accounts, the party was a dismal failure and Jim was fortunate to escape without getting beaten up. But he had been bitten by the entertainment bug and knew that in order to continue performing, he'd have to keep growing as an entertainer.


Proving that miracles do exist, Jim was still called upon to DJ other parties. It helped that he worked cheap and actually tried to entertain rather than put on an album and walk away from the stereo. With time, he learned what worked and what didn't and began to understand the psychology of how to entertain. In 1982 he attended a comedy club on Amateur Night and thought that he was funnier than the people onstage. He signed up to try his hand at comedy the following week.

Wedding DJ

The results were even worse than his DJ debut. In fact, many people in the audience would have gladly paid to have their memories erased of the evening due to Jim's firm reluctance to include amusing punch lines with his "jokes." But again, Jim persisted and eventually became a professional comedian, working with several of the industry's biggest names at the time including Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen and Jerry Seinfeld.


One night after a particularly awesome set (if he says so himself), he stepped off stage and spotted a beautiful waitress delivering drinks. He swaggered up to the woman as she returned to the bar and introduced himself to the waitress. Her name was Susie. It was love at first sight — for him. She didn't care for his stand-up act so it took a bit longer for her to grasp his unique charms. After a year of long-distance dating, Jim quit comedy to spend more time with Susie and took a job as a Disc Jockey in a Montgomery, Alabama nightclub called Stagger Lee's in 1986. His love for music and comedy combined with his energetic enthusiasm for performing helped make it the #1 nightclub in Central Alabama for two years straight. In 1989, he left Stagger Lee's to become a journalist with the Montgomery Independent newspaper and began DJ'ing private parties on the side. He became the entertainment editor with the Independent, writing a weekly humor column, entertainment column and conducting celebrity interviews with such stars as Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, Gene Simmons and Morris Day.


Throughout the 1990s, Jim continued to perform at private parties and nightclubs and in 2000 he formed The Music Guys, a group of DJs and musicians who quickly became one of the top in-demand entertainment services in the South. Today, The Music Guys are the primary Wedding DJ Specialists in Alabama. Jim's blend of humor and musical knowledge combined with his three decades of experience has helped give hundreds of newlyweds the reception of their dreams!


His calendar quickly fills with referrals from other couples and corporations, leading Jim Dunham to be the busiest DJs in the area, often booked up to two years in advance with Wedding Events. It is best to reach Jim at least 4 to 12 months in advance to secure your date.

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