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What is a Wedding DJ Specialist?

  • A wedding DJ must be 100% reliable and dependable for his client’s peace of mind.

  • A wedding DJ must be able to comfortably serve as the Master of Ceremonies on whatever level each individual client wishes.

  • A wedding DJ must be able to effectively coordinate and communicate with the other vendors such as caterers, photographers and wedding directors in order to produce a smooth, stress-free event for each client.

  • A wedding DJ must be polite and professional when interacting with the client, their friends, families, other guests and vendors.

  • A wedding DJ must be able to offer his client advice and innovative ideas concerning the special events during a wedding reception including the special dances, introductions, announcements, toasts, cake-cutting, garter and bouquet tosses.

  • A wedding DJ must know how to adjust and coordinate on the fly when unforeseen circumstances arise in order to avoid possible catastrophes during the wedding day.

  • A wedding DJ must have a wide variety of music to satisfy the wide variety of guests and their musical tastes, plus know what to play in order to not only get your guests dancing but to create an atmosphere that will in turn create memories.

  • A wedding DJ must always have a touch of class that is suitable for an elegant event.

  • A wedding DJ must have the dedication to devote personalized attention to each event and be willing to take the time to consult personally with each client at the client’s convenience.

  • A wedding DJ must be able to maintain and update individual files on each client detailing their specific wishes in order to provide a completely unique wedding day.

  • A wedding DJ must have the flexibility to accommodate special requests, to tailor what he does to your unique needs.

  • A wedding DJ must offer assistance with your ceremony as well as your reception.

  • A wedding DJ is an acoustical expert, a live sound technician, an electrician, a board operator, a roadie, an engineer, an announcer, a dancer, a designer, a comedian, a storyteller, an actor, a motivator coordinator, a facilitator, a confidant, a cheerleader and an advocate.


Now ... A WEDDING DJ SPECIALIST does all of the above BETTER than your average wedding DJ because that's all he concentrates on ... being at the top of his game!

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