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“I’m not sure if there’s a DJ Hall of Fame but if there is, you definitely belong in there! Thank you again for everything. You are awesome!”


Dennis and Tasha Stofan

“I just wanted to thank you again for what an amazing job you did at our wedding. And to anyone reading this; I would recommend 'The Music Guys' for any wedding. Jim did an amazing job finding out how I wanted my wedding to go! So many DJ's want to do things 'their way'.... but Jim made everything about ME! The music selection was perfect! I had such a wide range of ages at our wedding; Jim read the crowd and played music that EVERYONE enjoyed and could dance to. As the crowd thinned and the 'younger' crowd was left he played more 'current' songs. He continued playing even when there was only 6 of us left on the dance floor. I was a very picky Bride....and with that said- Jim did an AMAZING JOB!! Things could not have gone any better- everything was perfect! I would recomend 'The Music Guys' to anyone!!!"


Katie and Josh Yates

“Just wanted to touch base and let you know that we had a great time at our reception. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making our big day special. I can say it was truly unique! I have already referred you to numerous friends of mine. I hope it all works out and we will see you at one of their weddings soon!”


Holly and Ryan Williams

“Jim was amazing throughout the whole reception. I don't think there was ever a moment that someone wasn't on the dance floor having a blast. The wedding/reception was everything I've ever imagined and several people said it was the best wedding they've ever been to! After the reception, everyone was asking for the DJ's contact information for future events! ”


Aaron and Kim Moses

“I need to upload pictures on the Internet of the guys dancing to that 'Superman' song at my wedding … that was too funny! Jim is the best and we had so much fun! Once the reception began, we didn’t want to take pictures, we wanted to dance!”


Justin and Megan Proctor

“Our favorite part of the reception was Jim’s unique Love Story which gave everyone in attendance a hilarious version of the 'How We Met' story. Jim played a wide selection of music. We had asked for big band and ‘60s/’70s music and he filled in the rest with a killer party. Our reception was outside in late May – very hot, very humid – and everyone STILL danced and had a blast. Jim is an absolutely phenomenal DJ. You can’t sit still with this guy!”


Loren and Denise Fossee

“Jim read the crowd extremely well and played music that satisfied everyone. The college-age people danced the night away while the grandparents were never offended and enjoyed watching all the fun. He played music that I had chosen in advance so my new husband and I were thrilled with the music. He interacted enough to let people know what was going on, and when the dance floor started to get empty he convinced people to keep on dancing. He was not annoying though and allowed us to host our own party instead of running the show. While there is no way I can pick just one favorite moment, I loved that he helped us get involved with the Cha Cha Slide because many of us didn't know the moves and he showed us how to do it correctly. It was a priceless memory. Everyone is still asking for the playlist from the night … I absolutely loved it!  


Michael and Amanda Duggan

“Jim is a DJ Dynamo! He played fun music that everyone could dance to and made it a party for everyone, not just my wife and I. He welcomed everyone to make requests and was extremely approachable and easy to work with. Honestly, from beginning to end, it was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life.”


Justin and Jena Jones

“Jim was absolutely perfect! He played a perfect selection of music from Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra. The Cha Cha Slide was especially awesome and fun!”


Cory and Whittney Burdette

“Jim was awesome! Even though we had different activities going on all over the place, Jim kept things going and the people involved. He had great interaction with the guests and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”


Brandon and Nicole Esco

“Jim was absolutely great. We loved the idea of the Love Story. It was hilarious! His selection of how the music flowed was wonderful. He was very in tune with what we wanted and needed. My dad is not a dancer and Jim knew automatically without prior warning that when I gave him that look it was time to end our Father/Daughter Dance. My kids loved him, we loved him and the guests thought he was great! Thanks for the wonderful memories Jim!"


Willie and Hope Matthews

“Jim was the BOMB! My wedding was outside at 2:00pm in the afternoon so as you can imagine I didn't have very high hopes of anyone dancing, but low and behold Jim managed to have the dance floor packed. He was extremely professional, responded to all of my emails in a very timely matter (literally within the hour of me emailing him), and totally fit our budget! He played all the songs I recommended and didn't play any of the songs on my "do not play" list. I also greatly appreciated the fact that Jim basically became our wedding planner for the reception. He made sure everything such as the garter toss, bouquet toss, cake cutting etc. happened when it was supposed to so it wasn't weighing on my shoulders. Considering that I had a very low budget a lot of the responsibilities of my wedding fell on me, but during my reception I was able to totally relax and enjoy myself and let Jim take care of everything. I wish I could upload a video on here of the dance floor during my reception because I guarantee you every one of you would be dying to book Jim. Trust me when I say to choose Jim you will not be let down!”


Josh and April Hebert

“You are awesome and by awesome I mean TOTALLY AWESOME! We cannot thank you enough for making our night perfect! We had so much fun! Everyone we have talked to said that was the best wedding they had ever been to. I’m sad that I won’t be talking to you often anymore but I have a feeling we will keep in touch. Please let us know any way we can help get your name out and write some awesome comments (Bride’s promise!)”


Kryssa and Red McQueen

“The Music Guys are really kick@$$! They made our wedding great! Jim was so organized that I didn’t have to think the entire night. He told me exactly what to do and it was the best night of my life! I wish I was still dancing at my wedding to this day!”


Todd and Patience Itson

“Jim did an excellent job with our reception. It could not have been more fun for us! Even the 100 degree weather couldn’t keep our friends from the dance floor … it was all him!"


Michael and Stephanie McConville

“We could not have asked for a better DJ. We had a first dance song that isn’t very popular but Jim found it and suggested that because it was almost ten minutes long we should cut it short and we took his advice. He made sure that the song ended right where we wanted it to so we didn’t miss anything we wanted to hear. We wanted a very interactive DJ and he always had something ready to make our guests laugh.  He was also very friendly with our guests and everyone was pleased with him. He didn’t miss a beat and actually played four encores at the end of the night because our guests didn’t want him to stop!”


Chris and Jill Salinas

“I could not have asked for a better time from what I can remember! Jim sure knows his stuff and did a great job at our reception.”


Brandon and Suzanne Allen

“Jim went way beyond the services of a normal DJ. Our first dance was greatly delayed by some issues we were having with our photographer but Jim made some recommendations and helped diffuse the situation. He managed to get all generations out on the dance floor and even my grandmother put her 'hands on her knees' during the Cha Cha Slide. Jim also played the music for our wedding and I didn’t give him any input, I trusted him and told him what type of atmosphere I wanted and just from that I had a great wedding that was beyond beautiful and a whole host of people complimented on the music for the wedding and reception. My entire wedding party and family were on the dance floor during the Cupid Shuffle, that song spanned all ages and everyone had a great time doing the dance.”  


Jason and Maria Lawing

 “Great job! One thing we loved was when Jim told our Love Story. He had us sit in chairs on the dance floor and had everyone participate in telling our story. It was great!”


Jacob and Kristina Quincey

“Jim kept my husband and I involved and informed throughout the entire reception as well as kept the guests entertained so that everything flowed smoothly. Anyone that chooses to work with him has made an awesome choice!”


Lawrence and Dana Key

“Jim kept the guests engaged, took requests and played really fun music for all generations to enjoy. I was shocked to see so many of the grandmas and grandpas cutting a rug! He used the perfect amount of interaction with the guests and wedding party.”


Enrique and Robyn Susemihl

“Thank you again for a great night!! The kids had a blast!! You did a great job keeping them dancing!! I will be more than happy to recommend you when anyone needs a DJ. I'm sure we will need again in the near future. Thanks again for a fun night!!”


Erin Tipton
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