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Understanding the Role of the DJ and Emcee

Since the DJ you hire will bear the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your wedding reception, it is easy to see how important it is to choose wisely.  The DJ can be considered "The Entertainment Director".  A common misconception is that the DJ is just "the music", but in reality, the DJ must perform several duties. 


Duties of your DJ include:


  • Meeting with The Bride, Groom, and Family Members

  • Creating The Timeline/Agenda

  • Coordinating The Flow with Photographers, Caterer, and other vendors

  • Master of Ceremony Duties: Organizing the wedding party, making all announcements including Introductions and all formalities

  • Programming and Proper Timing of music and requests

  • Creating A Fun and Personalized Dance Environment

  • Performing Dances and Interaction at the level you request

  • And More! Whew!


One of the keys to a smooth wedding reception (trust me, there's more than one!) is all in the details and planning.  There are DJs out there that do not understand the importance of being properly prepared.  They go out there as "just music" and run into problems.  For over 25 years, The Music Guys have helped hundreds of happy couples create unique, memorable and fun celebrations.  You can use our experience to help you plan your reception, and since we have seen many different situations, we can advise you as to whether something may work or not and why.  We offer completely personalized, custom wedding entertainment. No two weddings are alike, and we can design a program to fit most budgets.

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