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The Grammys 2014

I am so glad Daft Punk won the Best Album of 2013 last night at the Grammys. From the first time I heard "Random Access Memories" I knew it would be my favorite album of the year. How could it not be? The sound is crystal clear, the music is vintage disco and soul but brought into today's world and "Get Lucky" ruled the world. And while I love the song myself, it still hasn't caught on at wedding receptions like I wish it would. The average song takes a few years to make it big on the reception dance floor. Usually that's because you may have some that know "Get Lucky", but the majority of the people in attendance don't know it enough to confidentally dance to it. By 2015, it will be a much bigger song at wedding receptions.

Just know that from now 'til then everytime I play "Celebration" or "We Are Family", I'm imagining that it's "Get Lucky" that has your aunts crowding the dance floor with some fancy dance moves!

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