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Nobody (Who's Thinking Ahead) Puts Baby (Or The DJ) In The Corner!

Another Saturday night, another party where the DJ was placed far, far away from the dance floor.

This has been happening a lot lately When it comes time to design the layout for the room at a couple's venue, they're given the option of putting the DJ in the corner of the room and putting the dance floor in the middle of the room ... with several tables full of people in between the two.

This may seem completely innocent while you're nodding silently to the venue manager showing this all to you on paper.

But let's think about it. When the DJ is set up in the corner of a large room, he or she has to play their music louder than normal in order to not only reach the dance floor but to also reach the people's ears ALLLLLLL the way at the other end of the room.

That means that all the people sitting at the tables in front of the DJ booth are going to be blasted out of their seats the entire duration of the reception. By the time the dancing portion of the evening begins and the music gets even louder, their ears are ringing and they want nothing more than to get out of the room to a much quieter area while the people on the dance floor and the opposite side of the room are complaining that the music isn't loud enough..

Not to mention the DJ's light show. Dance floor lighting is included in our packages but if you set us up 50 feet away from the dance floor, the lights aren't going to shine that far and you have a dark, unexciting dance floor.

And don't forget ... people that are dancing that think of a great song to dance to don't want to leave the dance floor to tell the DJ their requests. They want to STAY on the dance floor and walk to the DJ booth on the EDGE of the dance floor to make their request and then go right back to dancing.

In a nutshell, you're not getting nearly what you've paid for. You're cheating yourself (and your guests' ears) when you put the DJ, speakers and lights in the corner.

When your venue representative gives you the various layouts of how the room can be arranged, make sure you choose the layout that allows the dance floor and the DJ to be next to each other. The music will sound better, more clear and your guests won't leave early hating us when we had no control over the layout.

Your party will be one of the best ever if you just make this one little adjustment.

And that's a promise!


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