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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

That is quite possibly the dumbest blog post title I've ever come up with.

Anyway ... I used to have all my mixes stored on a website that unfortunately went out of business. Many tears were shed and teeth were gnashed, trust me.

But I have now gotten a sizable amount of mixes uploaded to https://www.mixcloud.com/jim-dunham/ which can hopefully give you an idea of what you would get after hiring The Music Guys for your celebration.

There's classic rock mixes, today's pop mixes, old R&B mixes, hip hop, country ... as many different genres as I can fit into a mix.

Of course, YOU pick the music and we go from there. Just because these mixes are on the website doesn't mean THIS is what we're playing at YOUR party. These are just a number of demos that I've made over the years when bored or feeling creative.

I can work with anything and everything in a mix. I enjoy doing that. It's not only a hobby, it's my job.

So go to Mixcloud and see if your booty don't shake!