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Pike Road Father Daughter Dance

Do you know what I like most about Daddy-Daughter dances? It's the sheer joy on the faces of everyone there. It's heartwarming to watch these dads dancing with carefree abandon with their daughters and not carae who's watching them. The majority of men do not like to dance. That fact is not lost on me. But every one of these dances that I've done over the years, the dads get out there on the dance floor and show their daughters a great time that the daughters will remember forever. The girls are wearing their Sunday best and are just glowing! If you ever want to know why I do what I do, this is a great example of why. Each week I get to make memories for others ... usually strangers. It is beyond awesome to know that tomorrow those little girls are going to wake up and thank their daddies for a great time. Those dads are going to be heroes in their daughters' eyes for at least a few more days.

That's what makes it all worth it to me.

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