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The Simplest Way To Look Like A Great Dancer

When you get to the nucleus of what my job is, it really boils down to one thing ... I have to make people feel comfortable while dancing all night long.

Trouble is ... not everyone's a dancer.

So let's say that when you hit the dance floor, it looks more like somebody tossed a pillowcase full of rabid squirrels on the dance floor than an actual human being.

If that's your problem, here's a quick, easy and painless solution to your dancing woes: Spell your name in the air with your butt. Your arms and legs should follow along automatically. When you get tired of spelling your name over and over, start spelling something else. Write a letter to your Grandma with your butt. Maybe share your recipe for beef stroganoff with your butt. It's your wedding day ... maybe make it romantic and write some impromptu vows on the dance floor with your butt.

... I never said every tip I gave you was going to be a winner.

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