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"I Really Hate This Part!"

Wedding season is in full bloom and has been for several weeks now. I have worked with several amazing couples so far with many more to come in the next few months.

It was back in March at a wedding where I overheard one woman telling another "I really hate this part". What part do you think she was talking about?

The bouquet toss.

If you've ever stood in a group of single women, trying to get excited about the impending tossing of a bouquet you may know what that woman was experiencing. She felt as if she was being paraded in front of all the guests, she felt like they were all thinking "Oh that poor girl! Why is she still single?"

The fact is, no guests ever feel that way. Nobody is mocking anyone for trying to catch a bouquet. But some women are self-conscious about their marital status or just don't like to be put on display for such a short amount of time.

My little sister discussed this at length years ago before she got married. She was your typical "always the bridesmaid, never the bride". She cringed every time there was a bouquet toss which would once again glaringly point out that she was unlucky in love.

(She's now been married for 10 years to a wonderful police officer with two beautiful girls. No need to pity her at this point).

As a wedding professional, the fact is not lost on me that I've probably asked hundreds of women who feel the exact same way to get on the dance floor to try and catch the bouquet because the bride really wanted to do this. Because she thought she HAD to do it.

Guess what? It's your wedding. You don't HAVE to do anything.

In fact, I have about a dozen alternatives to the bouquet toss that doesn't embarrass your friends, doesn't make anyone uncomfortable, still makes sure your bouquet is passed on to another woman AND creates a moment that the majority of your guests have never witnessed and will remember long after your wedding day has passed. These alternatives are so unique and special that I would bet some of those single ladies will use your twist on the bouquet toss for their own someday.

So what are some of these alternatives that can make your bouquet toss special, unique and memorable?

Hire me. Then ask me. And I will share them all with you.

(These are so awesome that I can't just give them away for free!)

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