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Wedding Wire

Hey people!

I just recently joined Wedding Wire which is a website that is like a one-stop shop for anyone getting married. There's vendors, articles, tips, ideas ... everything you could possibly want that will help you plan out the best wedding you can have.

I was a member of Wedding Wire several years ago when they first started but back then it was NOTHING like it is today. I let me my membership run out and never looked back. But recently they had been contacting me and telling me they wanted to make me their Spotlight DJ Company for the Montgomery area. I thought about it, looked at the site and just how much it changed and did my research and decided that we would be a good fit for each other.

Even if you decide I'm not the DJ for you, I strongly urge you to sign up for Wedding Wire. It's free and there's literally something for everyone there. They're affiliated with several other websites including Martha Stewart Weddings and Wedding Bee so there's more information than you'll ever be able to read on the site.

Give it a try!

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