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Questions To Ask When Hiring A DJ

When planning your wedding, you're going to be talking to a number of vendors to handle different parts of your wedding day. The toughest part is that you and the people making the choices with you may have never hired a videographer, a florist or a DJ.

The one thing you do know is your budget and how much you can afford for each vendor so your natural first question is usually "How much do your services cost?". And while that's an important question, it's not THE most important question. There's a number of other questions that are actually more important than the cost. You'll find out that when you find the right vendor and they're more than you budgeted for, you can "cut corners" on other parts of the wedding in order to afford that vendor.

I could talk about this all day (and I have!) but the purpose of this blog entry is to point you in the direction of an insightful article that a DJ mentor of mine helped pen. Jim Cerone is a well-respected, highly decorated DJ from Indianapolis who is a leader in our industry. He was recently asked for some of the top questions to ask your potential wedding DJ and he's right on the money with these questions. So please ... do yourself a favor and read this article before you start interviewing DJs. It will help you make sure that you're hiring the BEST DJ to represent you and your new spouse on your wedding day!

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