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One Thing NOT To Do At Your Reception

A Nightmare Layout

On your wedding day you want everything to go smoothly and perfectly. You've worked for months to achieve this, you've spent more money than you thought you would to make it all happen. So today, I'm going to share one little thing that's almost invisible that can send your wedding reception spiraling into a disaster.

Take a look at the diagram above. It looks to be a beautiful layout of a large reception area that addresses all the things this bride wanted.

Where's the DJ? In order to avoid this turning into a bad parody of "Where's Waldo?", I'll help you. The top left hand corner.

Where's the dance floor? In the middle of the room.

Where's the 96 FURIOUS guests? They're seated at tables 17-24. The rest of the guests in the room will just be angry ... one level quieter than the furious guests.

When the DJ is put this far away from the dance floor, the music has to be louder in order for the music to be heard at the dance floor. That means the people seated directly in front of the DJ are going to be blasted out of their seats, won't be able to talk and will just go ahead and leave your reception to preserve their hearing.

Not to mention your guests that do want to dance and want to make requests. They won't be making requests because they have to work their way through the maze of tables to even reach the DJ's area. If the DJ is right there next to the dance floor, they can dance their way over to him and make the request while on the dance floor.

And since the music has to be louder to get to the dance floor, ALL your guests are going to experience louder than normal conditions.

So how do you avoid this nightmare?

Make sure you explain to your venue's representative that you would like the DJ placed AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the dance floor. Not only because of the volume level but psychologically we are able to form a connection with your guests, resulting in a more personal and successful evening for all.

Don't let your venue bully you into a layout like this. Yes, it puts all the attention on the cake which is located on the dance floor. While that's nice, that cake is only going to be around for a few hours tops. Your DJ is there for the duration of your reception. And to be clear, I have no problem with the cake on the dance floor but remember ... there won't be any dancing until that cake is sliced and eaten and the table is removed from the dance area.

While most venues understand how to work with the vendors you have chosen and will accommodate both you and them to produce great results, some take the "My Way Or The Highway" approach and will tell you what works best ... for THEM.

This is YOUR day and YOU'RE the boss. Before you hire venues or vendors, MAKE SURE they know and understand your visions of how you want your day to be. Because once your signature is on that contract, some wedding vendors throw your ideas out the window and it becomes business as usual to them.

If you have any questions about your layout and what will work best for the entertainment, a professional entertainer should be able to answer all of them and help you achieve your vision.

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