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Something New For Your Guests

I've decided to add something new to our services for our clients.

Now, when you hire The Music Guys, you can make a request at the party simply by using your phone.

Believe it or not, most people don't like to make requests to a DJ. I have no idea why ... they're shy or don't know song titles or just don't feel like walking over to me. Whatever the case ... this new features changes all that.

Not only can you and your guests make requests online BEFORE your event but they can also make requests AT your party from their seat using a simple two-step process on their phone using nothing but their first name so no breach of privacy will take place.

And of course, this feature costs you nothing. It's another free service from The Music Guys.

And as always ... we do not play inappropriate music at your party. We're not in business to offend your grandparents. So each request will be checked for any vulgarities as well as danceability. Hey ... Led Zeppelin made great music but you can't dance to it.

Just another reason to give The Music Guys a try.

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